Navigating the new site

Aren’t you just loving how fresh the new Cornell College website is?As with all changes, some of you may naturally be having difficulty adjusting. This tutorial is for you! Here’s a step-by-step guide to  navigating the new website with ease, thanks to fellow intern, Molly! (Hint: it’s a good idea to make the Student Gateway your homepage, for future easy access!)

The drop down box located at the top right corner of any page will take you to the Student Gateway page, where you can find all the resources you need as a current student.


Similar to the old website this page holds many of the important links for students.

  1. This arrow directs you to the Gmail link where you can access your college email.
  2. This arrow directs you to the Moodle link where you access course information.
  3. This arrow directs you to the Self-Service site where you access grades, financial information, transcripts, etc.
  4. This arrow directs you to a link where you can change your password for all Cornell Connected sites and domains.
  5. This section  serves as a place for announcements and other communications to students.


Don’t forget to keep scrolling! Below this, you can find campus news and a calendar of events for the week.

If you’re looking for more links that aren’t listed on this main page, be sure to click the more student resources link below the quick links.


This page will be the primary sitemap for you beyond the quick links on the gateway main page. 


While on the topic of searching, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for in these links, try out the search box at the top of every page! The tool has upgraded along with the rest of the website, and it is super helpful in finding particular pages. 


To learn more about student involvement on campus, go to the  Student Life tab at the top of the page underneath the search bar.


This page will give you access to current student organizations and other community-building tools, as well as a section for featured posts from this blog.


Remember, you can send feedback to IT about how the website is working for you by clicking the Web Feedback link at the bottom of each page.