Get pumped for NSO 2014!

With New Student Orientation already just a month away (!), the Orientation Leaders sent in a letter for the new students:

Dear Incoming First-Year Students,

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are your kick-ass Orientation Leaders for New Student Orientation (NSO). Orientation Leaders (OLs) are a group of four students (us) who do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to get orientation just right for you: #youarewelcome. We help train the 28 Peer Advocates (PAs) who will lead you through the NSO experience. You will each get the honor of meeting us during the first day of orientation as we make our way through the different PA groups. Maybe, if you’re lucky, we will get to play a fun icebreaker together.

We write this blog post as we countdown the days until we return to campus and prepare for NSO. We each love NSO for different reasons, and we want to share these with you:

Nikki: I love NSO because the environment on campus is such a  joy and it marks the official start to the new school year. You get to learn many things not only about the campus but about yourself as well! #OnlyAtCornell

Eleanor: I was TERRIFIED of college! NSO was the perfect opportunity for me to adjust to campus and feel more comfortable with the college environment before classes started. NSO was filled with crazy fun activities, and making new lifelong friends! What could be better? Answer: NOTHING! NSO IS THE BEST THING

Katlyn: NSO is a great opportunity to get connected with the campus as well as the Mount Vernon community. Not only do you get to learn all the ins and outs of campus, before the upperclassmen arrive, but you get to experience the welcoming attitude of all the staff, faculty, and Mount Vernon residents!

Jarod: Like Eleanor, I was pretty nervous when I first came to college because I had no idea what to expect. However, I had a blast during NSO when I got to meet new people on my floor and in my PA group. I met most of my best friends during NSO, and, so, I am incredibly thankful for that!

NSO will be packed with a ton of activities! You will get to meet multiple faculty members on campus including your academic advisor and your First Year Seminar professor. You will also register for your classes for Blocks 2-4. But don’t worry, not everything will be so academically focused. You will have time to mingle with other students, get to know the Mt. Vernon community (which is amazing and welcoming), and eat delicious food by Bon Appetit in the new Hilltop Cafe!

Hopefully this blog post has gotten you thoroughly excited for NSO. If not, watch this YouTube video and it will do the job: #CornellCorn

Enjoy the rest of your summer. We look forward to seeing you on the Hilltop!

Luv (XOXO),

Your sarcastic, kind-hearted OLs <3

Nikki, Eleanor, Katlyn, and Jarod

The official NSO schedule can now be found on the website!