Block Break Events

Check out these cool events happening on campus this block break! If you’re heading off campus, drive safely, weather forecasts show this weekend could get icy!



  • Chill out!


  • Women’s Basketball vs Lake Forest College at 1:00 pm
  • Men’s Basketball vs Lake Forest College at 3:00 pm
  • Iowa Hawkeyes vs Wisconsin Badgers, hosted by Get Outta Town. Sign up at the info desk by Nov. 20, $20 for tickets and transportation.
  • EcoHouse Potluck and Documentary, hosted by the EcoHouse LLC, 5:30 pm in New Hall 111. Bring a dish to share!



What's Different Wednesday

What’s Different Wednesday

It’s Block Break and this month to add some excitement to the start of the break, instead of the traditional Gwensday Wednesday update, we’re asking folks to identify what’s different in these two photos.  Leave it in the comments.  Those who note the five changes in these two photos will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Zamora’s gift certificate.

Drake Drake (1)


Cole Team Trivia: Let’s Get Quizzical

We are hosting Cole Team Trivia: Let’s Get Quizzical again this year. It will be in the library on Thursday, November 20th, at 2:00 pm.

Do you know the capital of Peru? Can you name all seven dwarves?  Can you
recite Newton’s Third Law of Motion?
Can you explain why this chicken looks so quizzical?


Then it’s about time you start rounding up your friends
into a dominant trivia squad so that you can participate in Cole Library Team Trivia!

What you need to know

  • Maximum of four persons per team
  • No minimum team size
  • All teams get an opportunity to answer all questions
  • Registration begins at 1:45pm



Spotlight: Higher Ed Networking Event

Each week we put a “spotlight” on an aspect of student life at Cornell, whether it be opportunities, resources or just people on campus. This week, we’re featuring the Career and Civic Engagement Center’s Higher Education Connection Networking Event, with a post written by James Thompson ’15

Business apparel, employers, introductions, business cards, résumés, future aspirations, and many conversations — taken into account as a single entity, it can be a bit overwhelming. “Networking” is an intimidating subject for many people. It used to remind me of sweaty palms and forced discussion. Attending the Higher Education Connection networking event changed my perception.

Networking is an art. You get to be an ambassador for yourself. You hold your plate and glass in your left hand and shake with your right. Eat with small bites so you can speak whenever you need to. You need to explain who you are, so know your elevator pitch like the back of your hand. Essentially, thought goes into the interactions surrounding networking, mostly before you arrive at the event. The Career Engagement Center helped us understand the “rules of the game,” so to speak. They walked each and every person through how to put your best foot forward before we put button-down shirts and dresses on. When we walked into the Kirkwood Center’s glass-paneled lobby, the sea of voices and handshakes did not bewilder us. We knew what to do.

The Higher Education Connection networking event is made to help students succeed. Instead of having potential employers barred behind booths, the event is open. You can meet with people eye-to-eye, shake their hands without reaching over a desk, and gain more genuine connections. Conversations feel more natural, like you are speaking to people as you do every day. Honestly, it isn’t much different. You just have a universally known topic of discussion — future aspirations.

Once you get your feet wet, it becomes much easier to speak about what you want to do post-graduation. You can relax. You’ve done this before. It becomes apparent that the HR representatives and potential employers are in attendance because they think you have what it takes to help their business. They want to help students find leads and get the cream of the crop. There is such thing as a proper “fit,” but even if you do not fit into one person’s business, they know somewhere else that would fit you like a glove. They can get you connected.

By the end of the event, I had 20 business cards in hand. Although it’s the follow-up that lands you the gig, networking is the first (vital) step. 20 connections is ample for 2 hours of time. Inverse to my expectations, speaking about what I think I want to do post-graduation actually helped me regain clarity. Networking at the Higher Education Connection is a concentration of possibilities, including doors you may never have realized existed. Plus, the food is delicious.


Angel Tree Project

Are you looking to give back this holiday season?

This year there are over 200 children and adults who may not receive something over the holidays. This holiday season you can be that difference for a child or adult by participating in the Angel Tree Project.

If interested in adopting an Angel this season, come to the OC on Nov. 10th — Dec. 5th and adopt an
Angel and make a difference in a persons life!

?s: kboche15


Spotlight: Lyrically Inclined

Each week we put a “spotlight” on an aspect of student life at Cornell, whether it be opportunities, resources or just people on campus. This week, we’re featuring the slam poetry team, Lyrically Inclined, with a post written by Zoe’e Jordan ’15.

Slam poetry, I would say, is one of the most rewarding activities anyone can do.  Going upon a stage and telling the truth to a crowd of strangers is amazing.  It sounds gut wrenching but a lot goes behind slam poetry.

Slam poetry marries both the performance aspect and written characteristics of poetry.

Speaking out is hard for many people but Slam places a challenge to say what really needs to said.  Whether it is how your dog ate your undies to racism/inequality.  There is alway an ear to listen when it come to Slam because there is no judgment.  You are give the freedom to bend and break the laws of proper literature, thats why Slam poetry is so rewarding.  You construct, break down, and reconstruct and if you have confidence in what you made then you have the right to speak.

Want to join the team? Email ZJordan15!

‘Like’ Lyrically Inclined on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @poetsviathehill!


Weekend Events




Journalism Writing Workshop, hosted by the Cornellian, 2:00 pm in Hedges, Thomas Commons

Almost, Maine, 2:00 pm in Kimmel Theatre