A Block of Hope

The Counseling Center and Health Center present…

 A Block of HOPE. 

You are not alone. More than 25 percent of college students have been diagnosed or treated by a professional for a mental health condition within the past year (ACHA, 2012).

Don’t let stigma about mental health concerns keep you or someone you care about from getting help.
Forget the myths and learn the facts about mental health.

To set up an appointment with either of the Centers, stop by Ebersole or call 319-895-4292; or schedule online with a nurse HERE.

Student Organizations Deactivated

Student Organization Group Admins-

As a part of the reactivation process all student organizations have now been deactivated. **INSTRUCTIONS**

-          Log onto Community

-          Click on Student Groups in Blue Tab

-          In Red Box click on Reactivate a Group

-          Click the ‘Apply To Reactivate The Group’

-          Complete all Required Fields

As a reminder, you will have until Friday, April 3 to complete the reactivation form.




Important Items to Note:

- Please work with your advisor to have all currently requested transactions approved prior to February 24; doing so will ensure that all payments are made.

- Please take the time to clean up your group rosters, as well as update group admin status for your current members.

- Group inventories MUST be updated with items purchased with Student Senate distributed funds from throughout the past year

- Advisor Agreements MUST be signed by current advisors within the month of March/early April

- CLUB SPORTS: During the reactivation process we will be checking that all of your current members have current Club Sports Waivers on Community. If they already signed the waiver in the fall they DO NOT have to complete the form again. Each semester we need to ensure that group rosters and waiver forms match and decided to combine this step with reactivation.

Events, Weekend

Friday, March 27

Saturday, March 28

  • Men’s Lacrosse vs. Calvin. 1:00 pm. Watch it live!
  • Baseball vs. Carroll University. 1:00 pm at the newly renovated Ash Park Baseball Field. President Jonathan Brand will throw out the first pitch. Rally towels for the first 200 and free popcorn, compliments of Alumni and College Advancement. Watch it live!
  • Relay for Life, sponsored by the Civic Engagement Office and Colleges against Cancer.  Begins 3:00 pm in the Field house of the Small Multi-Sport Center.

Sunday, March 29

Student Satisfaction Inventory

First years, sophomores, and juniors, help us out!

Recently you received an invitation via e-mail from Noel-Levitz. The initial invite went out on March 18.

You have until April 3 to tell us a little bit more about your experiences on campus.  Last time we did the survey, we received clear feedback that residence halls and dining were some of the least satisfactory experiences on campus and we were able to make changes moving forward.  We hope to get similar feedback from you.  There will be drawings for prizes for participants who complete the survey ranging from a tablet to gift cards from Zamora’s, bookstore, and amazon.

Planning Your 2015-16 Calendar

By this point in the year, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The weather is warming up.  The snow is melting.  We have made it through 6 blocks and know the end of the academic year is ahead.  But, we also know BudgetFest is coming up and other end-of-the-year festivities will be occurring in the near future.

As you start to plan your group’s 2015-16 academic year, you’ll probably want to spend some time considering some questions which will help you to think about the types of events you want to host:

  • What is your group’s mission and purpose?
  • How did this year’s programming reflect this?
  • What events went really well this year?
  • Who is in leadership next year?
  • What ideas exist?
  • When are key members of the group off-campus next year?
  • What expectations do you have for members of e-board to be at the events you hold?
  • What furthers the campus’s awareness of your group?
  • Do we want to be doing something over a block break?
  • What are your priorities for next year?
  • Is there a way to be consistent with your programming next year?
  • With which groups are we wanting to program next year?

By asking these questions, you can start to develop a plan for the 2015-16 year that will help you to have exciting programs for next year!

When you’re done planning and funding is secure, don’t forget to add events to your group’s calendar on Community!  We can start to celebrate these events more fully there!

If you have questions about ways to execute programs you are considering, set up a meeting with Gwen to discuss your ideas and make sure we can start 2015-16 strong!