Summer Campus Hours

On campus this summer and wondering when to get in a workout or pick up a summer read? Needing to get in contact with an office but don’t know the summer hours? Look no further!

Cornell College Campus Hours 2015

Thomas Commons
Monday – Friday 6 am -7 pm
closed weekends

Roe Howard Fitness Center (midlevel of the Thomas Commons)
accessible when the Thomas Commons is open

Sports Center
Monday – Friday:
6 – 9 am (weight room closed)
11 am – 1 pm (weight room closed)
4:30 – 6:30 pm (weight room open)
Weekends: Closed
Thursday & Friday, July 2 & 3

Info Desk
Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm

Monday – Friday 9 am- 2 pm

Cole Library
Monday: 8 am – 4 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 8 pm
Wednesday: 8 am – 8 pm
Thursday: 8 am – 4 pm
Friday: 8 am – 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Need to contact an office on campus? Most maintain their usual business hours around 8:00 am – 4 pm; get in contact with a specific office to know their individual hours!

Campus Safety can be reached 24/7 at 895-4299.

Campus will be closed on July 3 & 4 in observance of Independence Day.

The campus squirrels will maintain their usual hours.

9 Learning Objectives of Cornell College

Cornellians experience learning on a daily basis, both inside and outside of the classroom. Cornell’s statement on the campus’s Mission and Values identifies Educational Priorities and Outcomes across the variety of academic disciplines and exceptional opportunities. These academic priorities have been identified to promote learning in a supported environment for all students. While as students we may read over them or discuss them briefly on a first look at a course syllabus, these learning objectives shape the Cornell student experience on a daily basis. Can you name all 9 outcomes? How do you see these as a part of Cornell campus life?

Students will integrate and apply knowledge from a focused area of study as well as a broad general education which includes disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

Students will respond to the complexities of contemporary and enduring problems using information literacy tools, research skills, creative thinking, and analysis.

Students will evaluate evidence; interpret data; and use logical, mathematical, and statistical problem-solving tools.

Students will speak and write clearly, listen and read actively, and engage with others in productive dialogue.

Intercultural literacy
Students will connect with diverse ideas and with people whose experiences differ from their own and that may be separated from them by time, space, or culture.

Ethical behavior
Students will recognize personal, academic, and professional standards and act with integrity.

Students will collaborate with others and contribute in their communities and the larger world.

Students will discover and prepare for the range of opportunities and challenges that await them beyond their college experience.

Students will respect the ways physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being may contribute to a balanced life.

How have these outcomes and priorities been a part of your Cornell experience? Read more about these Learning Objectives and the College’s Mission and Values here!

Happy Summer Break!

The Student Life Office wishes all students a happy summer and a warm congratulations to the graduating class of 2015!

Remember to check your email periodically throughout the summer and we’ll see you back on campus at the end of August!

Residence Halls Open for 2015-2016
Saturday, August 29th
9:00 am
Residence Halls open for all returning students

Student Senate Election Results

From Kahn Branch, Vice President of Student Senate:


Thank you for participating in this past election! Collectively, we have started next years work by selecting Senators to serve in the Student Senate.

These are the official Election Results:

For the Class of 2018:

  • Sandra Gomez (Class President)
  • Mara McLauglin
  • Ebele de la Bay-Coffie
  • Stephen Ruiz

For the Class of 2017:

No write in candidates won the necessary majority of votes to serve as a representative of the Class in the Student Senate. Therefore, the Executive Board will address these vacancies through the appointment process in September 2015.

For the Class of 2016:

  • Kenny Capesuis (Class President)
  • Ellen Larson
  • Peter Catchings
  • Ellie Scripps

Cornellians, this is your current Student Senate. Working along with the Student Senate Executive Council, we are here to serve you. If there are any questions about the election process, or about the Cornell College Student , feel free to email me or check the Student Senate web page here.



Weekend Events

Friday, May 1

  • “The House I Live In” Film Screening hosted by SSDP. 7:00pm in Merner Lounge.
  • Pictures at an Exhibition, presented by the Department of Theatre. 7:30 pm in the Plumb-Fleming Studio. For tickets contact the Box Office at 319-895-4293.
  • Night Games presented by PAAC Dark Purple. 9:00 pm at teh amphitheater.

Saturday, May 2

Sunday, May 3

Stress Free Room

Got stress? Check out the Stress Free Room at the Counseling Center! It has stress management resources including a massage chair, calming music, biofeedback software, books, and brochures. You can schedule a time to use the room online, by calling 319-895-4292, or via stopping by Ebersole. Also stop by the Stress Free Zone on the OC Wednesday, April 29 over lunch – color, play games, or just relax!

One Course Contest

Win $50 in student One Course At A Time contest!

Marketing and Enrollment are looking for great examples from students of how faculty use the One Course At A Time curriculum in the classroom (does not include off-campus study or field trips).

A $50 Target card will be given to two student winners. To enter, submit your favorite, most creative, or most effective examples from class to Dee Ann Rexroat at Please provide a description of at least 150 words. Deadline is May 1. 

Drug Policy Week

Monday, April 27th:
12:00 pm – Walk of Solidarity (meet at the info desk)
7:00 pm – Kathie Kane-Willis speaks about the War on Drugs on the OC

Tuesday, April 28th:
4:00 pm – Iowa, Fields of Opportunity: Industrial Hemp Educational Lecture in MLK
7:00 pm – Let’s Talk! Kathie Kane-Willis and James Kowalsky lead a talk-back about drugs and drug policy on the OC

Wednesday, April 29th:
7:00 pm – Lobbying and Outreach Workshop in Shaw Lounge

Find out more, here!

Thursday, April 30th:
7:00 pm – Exploring the Future of Psychedelic Therapy. Panelists include Shannon Clare Petitt of MAPS and Patrick Keatly, an entheogenic guide

Friday, May 1st:
7:00 pm – Showing “The House I Live In,” a film revealing the true face of the War on Drugs. In Merner lounge

Saturday, May 2nd:
3:00 pm – Harm Reduction Workshop lead by Mitchell Gomez of DanceSafe. On the OC
7:30 pm – Harm Reduction Rave!!! Come learn practical harm reduction tips and get your rave on with DJ Bryan Walsh. CAYA (Come As You Are). On the OC