asb info session

ASB Info Sessions

Come learn more about Alternative Spring Break! We will talk about our focus issues, where in the nation you could go, and the application process. There are three different sessions, but you just need to go to one. Hope to see you there!

Info Sessions:
Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 3:30 PM in Shaw
Thursday, Sept. 18 at 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM in Shaw

?s LBossom17 and SHarrison15

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Spiritual Life Events

Re-Occuring  Events (Every block):

Soul Feast Chapel: NIGHT PRAYER

  • 1st Wed. of Block, 6:30-7:10 p.m. in Allee Chapel
    • Sacred refreshment and peace to ease the worry and hurry. A candlelit, ecumenical Christian service offering open minds & hearts, scripture & reflection, and prayers both ancient and new.  ~Led by Chaplain & Spiritus.

Meditation, Mindfulness, & Mind-Body-Spirit Practices

  • Fridays, 11:15-noon (except block breaks), in Allee Chapel.
    • Learning & support to start or deepen your practice. Everyone welcome. Led by chaplain.

      • A more skillful relationship with anxious thoughts
      •    Improved psycho-physiological and spiritual wellbeing
      •    Mindfully living in the present moment
      •    Increased awareness of oneness with the Sacred & all beings
      •    Intentional living as an instrument of healing peace
      •    Inter-spiritual healing wisdom.


Into An Unclenched Moment: Centering Prayer

  • 3rd Wednesdays of Block 11:15 Allee Chapel
    • A prayer/support group approaching prayer as a quiet gesture of surrendering/letting go, attunement with the Divine in the Shrine of the heart, and listening for the heartbeat of God in all life. Includes time for journaling.

Block 1 Events:

Wednesday, Sept. 10:  Come Walk the LABYRINTH

  • For your life journey discernment, healing, playfulness, and/or spiritual growth.
  • 11-1 on lawn near chapels (on OC if raining)

Sacred Journey Spirituality Retreat w/ Canoeing

Block Break (7/26 – 7/27)

Sacred guidance, healing wisdom, & growth through: Nature in autumn, Labyrinth & trust walks, “Be Not Anxious” Parallel teachings from Christ & the Buddha on self-surrender and non-clinging, silent prayer/meditation & Mind-Body-Spirit practices, journaling, and kindling new and old friendships. Led by Cornell chaplain, Rev. CQE, at Pictured Rocks United Methodist Camp 45 minutes from campus. Open to Cornell students, faculty, & staff of all backgrounds. Departs Block break Friday (7/26th) @ 10 a.m. from Thomas Commons, returning to campus the next day by 4-5 p.m. Must rsvp before Wed., 7/17 by emailing cquehl-engel and also swing by Chaplain’s Office (3rd floor Old Sem) with a $5 refundable deposit to hold your space. In email, indicate any dietary restrictions & whether you can help drive. ~ Sponsored by The Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office and its Spiritus and Interfaith Understanding & Exploration leadership teams.

More information on the Chaplain & Spirtual Life on campus can be found here or by emailing Father Cathy:


Celebration of Life for Dominique Hudson ’14

Cornell’s Celebration of Life service for Dominique Hudson ’14, who died this past August will be held Wednesday, October 8th at 5:30 p.m. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contribute a photo or written tribute for a Cornell big love memory book that will be given to her family.  Scrapbook sheets are available at Stoner House, Residence Life and the Info Desk. Memory book entries should be brought to Stoner House or emailed to srivera@cornellcollege.eduby Wed., Oct 1st.

purple wednesday featured image

Cash Cab!

Did you notice Wednesday morning students getting picked up and driven across campus to their events?  Were you wondering why you weren’t invited to ride with the staff members on the golf cart?

Wednesday we held our inaugural Purple Wednesday Cash Cab event.  Run through Student Life and co-sponsored by numerous departments across campus (including Development and Admissions this week), the Cash Cab is a way to celebrate Purple Wednesdays and invite students to engage in a little school pride.

successful rider

We drove around in the golf cart, seeking students who were headed somewhere across campus, wearing purple from 8-9 a.m.  When we found someone, we offered them a ride to their destination.  Throughout the drive, we asked Cornell trivia questions:

  • How much does the rock weigh? (5,000 pounds)
  • Who is the longest serving president in Cornell history? (William Fletcher King)
  • When was the first Cornell-Coe football game played? (1891)

And some others.  When folks answered correctly, they kept riding.  And, if they made it all the way to their destination, we gave a little Cornell pen.  When they missed a question, we stopped the golf cart and dropped them off.  There was even a student who got picked up twice!

So, we’re looking forward to next block when we can try this out again.  Start marking your calendar to wear purple and start studying up on your Cornell trivia!


Spotlight: Slick Shoes

Each week we put a “spotlight” on an aspect of student life at Cornell, whether it be opportunities, resources or just people on campus. This week, we’re featuring Slick Shoes with a post written by Laura Wetzel ’16.

WARNING: If you happen to walk past a SlickShoes lesson or free dance, you will be asked to join.

It was a Thursday evening in mid-September, and I was making my way through the Commons after a beginning-of-the-year meeting of the Track and Field team.  There was something happening on the OC—music and a crowd of people dancing.  It was first block, and I was still in my First Year Seminar, so I had no terribly pressing studying to attend to, so I paused at the bottom of the stairs to get a better idea of what was going on.

“Hey!,” a girl called out, “Come dance!”

“I don’t know how,” I answered.

“That’s okay.  We’ll teach you.”  By this time she was at my side, offering me her hand.

Half-reluctantly, I took it and let her lead me onto the OC.  She took me over to where a couple other students were getting a basic lesson in six-count Lindy Hop.  After a couple minutes of instruction, a boy came over and asked me to dance.  Half an hour and a few dances later, my name was on the email list.

WARNING:   Not knowing how to dance is not an excuse.

Rock-step, kick, kick, kick-step.  The refrain echoed through my head as I tried to make my feet match the rhythm the instructor was chanting.  It was my first real lesson:  Wednesday night Charleston, and my head was spinning with instructions.

Don’t bounce so much.  Lean forward a little.  Let your arms swing.

But I was getting the hang of it, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the energy of the steps.  Later, I practiced in front of the bathroom mirror: rock-step, kick, kick, kick-step.

WARNING:  SlickShoes people are some of the quirkiest, most enjoyable people you will meet at Cornell (and that is saying something).  You will make friends.

I recognized the music for Cell Block Tango and looked around me in delight.

“Come on!” I grabbed the nearest lead and pulled him onto the floor.  I knew everyone by this point and had long since ceased to be shy about asking for a dance.  With exaggerated drama, we tangoed across the room.  When the lyrics of the song began, however, we lost all semblance of solemnity and started to sing along.  If you’d a-been there, if you’d a-seen it, I betcha you woulda done the same.  We get no strange looks; most of the other couples are doing the same thing.

Conversations on the side of the dance floor range from video-game plot quality to the necessity of adding a gender-neutral pronoun to the English language, and on the Wednesday of block break when there is no dancing, SlickShoes members are often so starved for each other’s company that they can be found playing board games or watching movies together.

WARNING:  Dancing may be addicting, and hazardous to your amount of study time (although not your health).

I have priorities.  It’s just that dancing is rather high on the list.  Wednesday and Thursday lessons can be missed if necessary, but free dance will almost always find me at least on the sidelines, my homework with me if there’s an assignment that absolutely must be done.

And when SlickShoes hosts a Saturday night dance, as happens approximately once a block, there is no question as to whether I will attend.  From the Halloween dance with its costume contest, to the Fun-and-Games dance with its balloon-stomping Lindy Tag, to the May the Fourth be With you Jutebox dance, to which one member showed up in a poodle skirt… except with R2D2 instead of a poodle, weekend dances are events you don’t want to miss, even if you’re not interested in becoming a member.

Although once you start, good luck staying away.

If you’re interested in joining Slick Shoes, you can join the Facebook group here or email TPavlik17 for more information. 

This week in TC music

Music in the TC

This week we had several staff and student playlists play throughout the Thomas Commons.  If you can’t get a song out of your head, you can still go listen on Grooveshark:

  • Monday and Tuesday, Information Desk and Building Manager Carol Stock featured some lesser known and hits from her extensive music collection.  With over 100 songs on her playlist, it took 2 days to make it most of the way through!
  • Wednesday we were playing hits from Performing Arts & Activities Council Chair, Emily Wyler.  Her list featured music from artists and performers that were on campus last year or coming to campus this year.
  • Thursday we started getting ready for The Bergamot to arrive on campus for Friday’s concert.
  • Friday we featured some of the Registrar’s favorite music.  Becki Elkins put together hits and some lesser known music to delight our ears.

Weekend Events

Wondering about what to do this weekend?

Like most of the weekends on-campus, there are a lot of things to do.  We know you’ll probably spend a lot of time working on studying for mid-terms, getting your application together for the Alternative Winter Break trip to Guatemala, participating in Service Saturday, quickly reading The Bully Pulpit in anticipation of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s visit to campus next weekend or figuring out where you packed your sweatshirts.

In the event you’re looking to check out some on-campus entertainment or looking for something to do, explore these events happening on campus:


  • Cornell Volleyball takes on Wartburg at 4:00 in the Small Multi-Sports Center
  • PAAC’s The Bergamot concert at 6:30 on the OC
  • Cornell Volleyball takes on St. Thomas at 8:00 in the Small Multi-Sports Center


  • [alliance]’s Fruit Social from 12-2 in the Amphitheatre
  • Cornell Volleyball takes on Northwestern at 12:00 in the Small Multi-Sports Center
  • Cornell Football takes on Coe in the Bremner Cup, the oldest rivalry West of the Mississippi at 7:00 at Ash Park


  • Cornell Women’s Soccer takes on Buena Vista at 1:00 at the Soccer Field
  • Cornell Men’s Soccer takes on Buena Vista at 3:00 at the Soccer Field

Have an event you want to see listed here?  Add it in the comments below and make sure to add it to either the Community or Master Calendar in the future.


Contracting 101


You’ve made it through the first ten days of the academic year, and the first eight days of courses!  The Involvement Fair was great – have you seen the photos?  And new members are excited about your organization.  You might even be planning some events that were appropriated for at Budget Fest last year.  Next step: booking a group.  I know you’re starting to think about this because I’ve had five or six different groups approach me about doing a contract in the past two weeks.  So, I’m guessing some of you are starting to think about next steps for planning out the year.

We added a great section to the Student Activities page about how to plan an event and the steps you’ll want to take, but one thing that is a little bit different is working with agents and booking a speaker, band, or other contract.

When you are starting to think about booking someone, whether you are inquiring by phone, email, or other communication form, you want to make sure that you share that the inquiry is only for information purposes and that no commitment will be made at this time.  If you make even a verbal commitment to an agent, you can be held personally responsible for the cost of the event.  To inquire about the artist (which may happen before or after seeking Senate funding), there are several things you will likely want to ask the agent:

  • Date you want the artist
  • Cost of the artist
  • Does the cost reflect a block booking price or not
  • The time you want the artist to perform
  • The place you where you want the artist to perform (have you checked meeting room manager to make sure it’s available?)
  • How many sets do you want the artist to do?
  • What the artist supplies technically (this includes sound, lights, power, staging, equipment, etc) – you can ask to see the artist’s rider
  • Does the artist require hospitality? If so, is this at their cost or yours (this includes meals, housing, etc.  As a reminder, we are not allowed to provide alcoholic beverages)?
  • If the artist does require a meal, are there any dietary needs (kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc)
  • Is there a contact person for the artist?
  • What promotional materials are provided by the agent?
  • When will the artist arrive?
  • Will the artist need people to help unload and load the equipment?
  • What time and how much time before the show will the artist need for set up?

Once you have all of these details worked out, AND have approval of funding from Student Senate, you can request the contract from the agent.  If, for some reason, they don’t have a contract, Gwen can help draw one up.  Generally, though, the agent will send you a contract and you should forward it onto Gwen, as well as set up a time about 48 hours later to sit down with Gwen and go through the contract, line by line.  Gwen is the only person who can sign a contract and this needs to happen before an artist or performer takes the stage.  In general, contracts are processed on Fridays.   Ideally, contracts are processed at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event happening, so that you can then finalize any remaining details for the event, including marketing, tech set up, check requests, and other items.