Henry Hundt ’13

Major: Art History and Religion. Hometown: Coon Valley, Wisc.

Schroeder Fellow in Art

Museum of Russian Icons | Clinton, Massachusetts

Week 8:
Museum of Russian Icons

August 24, 2012 | It has been nearly a week and some days since I left my home at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA. I arrived last night back in Mount Vernon, Iowa, after a week at the homestead in Wisconsin where most things were as they should be. Alive, and growing. As I revisited friends […]

Week 7:
Museum of Russian Icons

August 9, 2012 | It is becoming apparent that brokering the conclusion to a research project is more difficult then beginning one. As the final weeks are quickly drained of their time and energy, Raoul and I have begun to negotiate with the research paper we are working on. We have realized that the amount of material that we […]

Week 6:
Museum of Russian Icons

August 2, 2012 | The liberal arts, and therefore Cornell College, has come under increasing pressure in recent years. The critics of higher education have begun to call the approach misdirected and superfluous for a world that is becoming increasingly globalized by technology. What we need, they say, is process streamlined by powerful computational devices allowing for the greatest […]

Week 5:
Museum of Russian Icons

July 27, 2012 | Progress and productivity are synonymous with activities which can be labeled as ‘work’, through various actions can be assigned these qualities. In the classroom it is focus and creativity which result in the production of quality scholastic work in the context of the class group. Another example is in agriculture, however, what is defined as […]

Week 4:
Museum of Russian Icons

July 18, 2012 | After a week hiatus of touring east coast museums, I have returned to my research after hitting the halfway point in my Fellows experience. At this point I had originally intended an exposé of four different museums contrasted with the institution that I work, the Museum of Russian Icons. However due to the journalistic approach […]

Week 3:
Museum of Russian Icons

July 4, 2012 | Weeks, now sadly progressing like days, are increasingly stimulating and rewarding. Though the general activities offered little variance in form, I did spent much of the week in a sea of unknown content. The last several days of the week were also laced with a potent amount of expectation, as I had planned (and am […]

Week 2:
Museum of Russian Icons

June 27, 2012 | By the end of my second week of work at the Museum of Russian Icons, I began to notice how young this organization really is. Entering into its sixth year of operation, the institution and its parts are now revealing the excitement of its youth. Constant movement, expansion, and energy are more applicable in describing […]

Week 1:
Museum of Russian Icons

June 20, 2012 | It has now been a little over a week since I began my research internship with the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts and I have quickly realized that this Fellows program will offer me much more then I ever anticipated. The culture, the people, the dialect and the museum’s academics have begun to […]