Week 7:
Global Zero

Black Fellow in International Policy

Global Zero | Washington, D.C.

February 6, 2014

One of the last things I did during my fellowship  was prepare a report on the outcomes of my social media work. Here are some excerpts from the section where I described content models I developed, and remarked on how they did…

New Content Models

1. Sciencey / educational photo essay with anti-nuke message:



  • This was very successful on Tumblr. I did two posts in this model, and they got something like 80 and 100+ notes. They also were responsible for attracting roughly 50 new followers.
  • This tactic targets people outside our traditional circles.
  • I am not sure if this model is exportable beyond Tumblr, because its success may be contingent on the large science community there.

2. Historical / educational photo essay with anti-nuke message



  • This was the first content model I experimented with.
  • Same approach as the science post; target people outside our traditional circles
  • It didn’t get great feedback but I suspect it would have done better if I posted it now, as opposed to early in my fellowship when we didn’t have as big a following

3. Budget Graphics






  • Most people think nukes have already been paid for and have no idea how much we continue to spend on upkeep / ‘life extensions’
  • Big numbers are hard to understand. I wanted to compare it to a number that people are familiar with and care about, like the population of their city.
  • This approach targets the entire city, not just people who are interested in nukes. Anybody who lives in one of these cities will care about this, not just people in our traditional circles of politics / peace. Example: I have gotten reblogs from a Baltimore dating website. There’s potential here to appeal to totally new people.
  • Since the ‘million bucks’ thing uses hyperbole, there’s a chance to bring humor into this model (see the Portland one for example). This should be further exploited.
  • This content model is very well suited to Pinterest or Instagram.



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Elliot Carter '14

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