Week 6:
Institute for Exploited, Trafficked and Missing Persons

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Community Outreach

Institute for Exploited, Trafficked and Missing Persons | Minneapolis, Minnesota

August 2, 2013

Planning this event is starting to take over my every waking moment.  On top of that I am starting to have dreams, nay nightmares, about August 11th.  I really had no idea what sort of work and commitment goes into planning an event like this. It is going to be really cool to see everything come together.  All of the stuff that I have ordered for the event is arriving and it is like Christmas.  The wristbands and centerpieces are coming together nicely.

These will be put into all the customers bills at Tiger Sushi until our event!
These will be put into all the customers bills at Tiger Sushi until our event!

Yesterday Becca and I decided to pound the pavement and get the word out about the event by walking around Uptown and talking with people face to face.  It was great to get out of the office and it was a fabulously sunny day.  We hung up about 40 posters and spoke to all kinds of people.  We even got another sponsor for the event and a beautiful fair trade necklace for our raffle.

We also had a lunch meeting at Tiger Sushi (no complaints about working over lunch that day) and figured out the placement of everything for the event. We also discussed logistics with the general manager and dropped off the beautifully designed and printed credit card inserts for them to put out at both of their locations. Ross, another intern, was able to secure the support of a group in town called the Latino Roundtable and that is going to come in the form of an email blast that can reach about 3,000 people.  It is amazing how useful, and at times easy, networking with others can be.  I have recently met and become friendly with a woman who has recently started her own foundation and she has been so supportive and full of great advice.  She has reached out to all kinds of contacts and connections on the behalf of the Institute and put us out there is some very influential circles.

I’m currently in the process of establishing the flow of activities for the event as well as securing volunteers to man the various stations. I have been told that I am not allowed to assign myself a position for the night because I will be running around like a crazy person anyhow.  This did not really inspire confidence but there is always something that goes wrong and you can’t aim for or expect perfection.  If people have fun, awareness is raised and some money is made for the victims of human trafficking I will be more than happy.

But being the event planner means that I have to shift gears really fast and start getting ready for our outdoor awareness concert that Patrick is speaking at and I am being brought along to work on awareness and speaking with people about our organization.  We are bringing along all kinds of fun stuff that was recently sent from Guatemala to sell to people.

Here we are at the festival, sitting in front of one of my water features in Minneapolis.
Here we are at the festival, sitting in front of one of my favorite water features in Minneapolis.

My friends and I went to the Tour de Fat which is a fun bike ride and festival held by New Belgium every year.  It was a blast, they had a dance contest and gave away two free bikes to the winners.  Needless to say, people got DOWN.

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