Week 5:
National Association of Chain Drug Stores

Anderson Fellow in Public Affairs

National Association of Chain Drug Stores | Washington, D.C.

July 23, 2013

Another week down. Unfortunately, this Fellowship is moving way too quickly! This weekend I went to Union Market to DC Scoop! This is a huge event where tons of ice cream vendors set up booths and give you free samples!! It was a really cool experience and the ice cream was great. It was also really, really hot, ice cream was perfect.

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Last week my boss and everyone from my department was out for a couple of conferences in Chicago and Nashville. So, I was given a project for while they were away. This project asked me to analyze all of the screenings and preventative services covered under the Affordable Care Act. The USPSTF (United States Preventative Service Task Force) is a committee of medical professionals who research these chronic diseases and services, and determine which ones should be free for Medicare and Medicaid individuals. The screenings are rated from A-I, with those services receiving an A or B having full coverage.

I was asked to look at the services which had an A or B rating, and see whether or not they could be done at community pharmacies. The screenings ranged from BRCA genetic testing and HIV, to alcohol counseling and cervical cancer. I went through each one individually to see which ones could be done at a pharmacy. After I narrowed the list down, I looked to see if they were already offered at pharmacies or if anyone had tried to implement them at a pharmacy.

Many of these had been tried at pharmacies across the world, including some in Europe. I summarized my findings to present to my supervisor when he returned. Overall, it was a really interesting project! It really gave me an insight into the future of clinical screenings. It also showed me that pharmacies are capable of expanding their role in the healthcare network, which would benefit patients (would be cheaper and more accessible than going to the hospital to have the tests) and healthcare spending.

I also got to attend another hearing on Wednesday! This hearing was on Health Information Technology, and the future of the Meaningful Use Program. EHR needs to be more accessible for all members of healthcare, including doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. All of these professions need to work together to provide patients with the best care. In order to do this, they have to share EHR efficiently and securely. The Meaningful Use program provides healthcare professionals with incentives for successful and continued implementation of EHR. This is definitely the future of healthcare!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the ASAE (the American Society of Association Executives) leadership training! This was a great opportunity to learn some key foundations of Association Management, while also networking. I learned so much throughout the day and was very grateful that I got to attend! I also had the opportunity to sit with our CEO Steve Anderson (Cornell Alum). He is brilliant! Whenever he would speak, people would be amazed. However, he is very down-to-earth and always willing to help others, as well. He answered all of my numerous questions during the day. Cornell really produces some amazing alumni!

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Hayden Howard '14

Major: Sociology/Anthropology. Hometown:Aurora, Texas.