Week 9:
The Children’s Hospital

Bowen Fellow in Children's Research

The Children's Hospital | Aurora, Colorado

July 25, 2013

I can’t believe it is already week 9! I have been enjoying myself so much at the Children’s Hospital I haven’t noticed how quickly the summer has gone by. I am in the stages of finalizing my project, which is bittersweet. I have collected all the data and have submitted it for statistical analysis. Once I get those results back, I will be able to better understand the data I spent so long collecting. Next week, I will be giving a presentation about my research. I will be adding the stats as soon as I get them back. In the mean time I have been working on starting my PowerPoint presentation, starting to write an abstract, writing an instruction manual for the next research assistant to work on this project, as well as continuing to enjoy several shadowing opportunities. This past week I shadowed in spinal defects clinic. Spinal defects clinic is a great resource for patients because different departments (orthopedics, urology, neurology, etc.) coordinate their schedules so that the patients can see all of the different departments at once. Many of the patients who come to Children’s live hours away (some live out of state) and have to make a trip out of coming to the hospital. The patients travel so far because Children’s has great resources, and also has a good reputation. I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to conduct research in such a prestigious organization.

I am scheduled to shadow in the gait analysis lab on Friday, which I am very excited for. Gait refers to a particular manner of walking, and gait analysis is used to better understand children’s gait patterns so that the doctors can effectively provide the best treatment. The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis at Children’s is the only center like it in the region, and 1 of about 40 in the entire country, so this is a rare experience.

I have continued to explore more of what Denver has to offer. This past Friday, I was able to attend a major league baseball game. The Chicago Cubs played against the Colorado Rockies. Since I am from Illinois, I made sure to root for the Cubs (who won!). Below is a picture of Coors Field in Denver.


Ollesch Professional Headshot

Bridget Ollesch '15

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Hometown:Maroa, Illinois.