Week 10:
The Children’s Hospital

Bowen Fellow in Children's Research

The Children's Hospital | Aurora, Colorado

August 3, 2013

This past week was spent putting the finishing touches on my presentation. After I presented on Wednesday, I got some really great feedback from the doctors and other research assistants. After spending so much time on this project, it was great to get such wonderful encouragement. I also had the chance to start working on the rough draft of an abstract for our project. My week officially ended on Friday, when I spent the whole day shadowing a neurosurgeon in the OR. He was performing a dorsal rhizotomy. I found the experience extremely interesting, and couldn’t have imagined a better way to end my time at Children’s.

I feel that I have learned so much during this Fellowship about the process of research and the importance of working with a team. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work at such an incredible facility. This Fellowship has provided me with so many learning opportunities, and I am excited for my future in medicine. I will be walking away from this experience with more confidence than ever before that medicine is the right career for me.

One of the most important aspects of this experience was the mentorship I received. Below is a picture of me with my PI, Dr. Gaia Georgopoulos.


This photo was taken after my presentation.  Kiara is another research assistant working with Dr. Georgopoulos. She was also very helpful over the course of my Fellowship.

2013-08-01 19.34.40


Ollesch Professional Headshot

Bridget Ollesch '15

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Hometown:Maroa, Illinois.