Conversations About Technology: Moodle Gradebook

When: Friday, September 16 @ 11:30 AM
Where: Cole Library Lab 212

Our first Conversation About Technology this year will focus on Moodle’s gradebook functionality and cover the how-to of setting up the gradebook, including categorization, weighting grades, and adding items from outside of moodle. We’ll look at the grading functionality within assignments and within the gradebook, and we’ll cover setting up groups and group submissions for assignments. The gradebook ties seamlessly into assignments created through Moodle, and can also include grade items from outside of Moodle. The gradebook can be categorized and weighted very easily, and allows you to share grades with students quickly.

After the workshop, we’ll share some more in-depth how-tos, but you can find more out about the gradebook in the meantime by taking a look at Moodle’s Quick Guide to Grading.

For more information about Moodle at Cornell, you can take a look at the Moodle @ Cornell guide.

Welcome (and Welcome Back!)

Whether you spent time with us doing summer research and you’re back for more fun or you’re just coming in the door of the Cole Library Center for Teaching and Learning for the first time, we’re happy you’re here!  We are excited to hear what you’re curious about, what goals you hope to achieve as a critical thinker, what you love about learning, and how you’d like to improve. We’d like to know what you’re reading or ciphering or exploring.  We want to get to know you.  Which do you prefer: Star Trek or Star Wars?  Coffee or tea? Cubs of Giants?  In the CTL, we are always looking forward to generating ideas and working on projects with you!

Don’t forget–the Writing Studio and Quantitative Reasoning Studio have moved to 3rd floor.  The office of Laura Farmer, Writing Studio Director and Director of Fellowships and Scholarships, is now Library 315, and, right next door in 317, you’ll find our new Writing and Teaching Specialist, Jennifer Haigh.  On first floor, Brooke Bergantzel, Instructional Technology Librarian and Academic Technology Studio Supervisor, is in Library 122, with the Academic Technology Studio next door in 125.  Jen Rouse, Interim CTL Director and Consulting Librarian for Humanities, Performing Arts, and Education, has moved to Library 304, and Interim Library Director and Consulting Librarian for Visual Arts Greg Cotton will be in Library 303.  Our new Rise Up Program Assistant Anna Slife joins us on 2nd floor in Library 214.   If you are not sure where to look or who to ask for, find a friendly face and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Jen Haigh

New in the Library: Jennifer Haigh!

Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I’m the new Writing and Teaching Specialist in the Center for Teaching and Learning. I came to Cornell from the North Bay Area in California. I earned both my BA and MA in English from Humboldt State University in CA where I also taught for a few years before moving to Sonoma State University to work as the Writing Specialist for multilingual students. I just completed my doctoral coursework and am busy working on my dissertation in my free time. When I’m not working on my dissertation or at work, I’m busy checking out Iowa with my two kids. They’re big fans of the splash pads and very excited to see snow since they’ve only seen it a few times.

Feel free to stop by the Writing Studio at any time, either just to say hi or to work on your writing! Some of you may see me in some of your classes over this year. My expertise areas are working with first-gen college students and students who speak more than one language, but I would love to work with any student here at Cornell. I’m also available to help any faculty with integrating writing into any classes; I can stop in and do an activity or lesson, help brainstorm potential writing assignments, or be available to meet with your students. I’m looking forward to getting to know Cornell and all of the great people here.