Block Break Workshop for Students-Get Your “Stuff” Done!

Stublock-break-workshopdents – block one may (or may not) have been your best attempt at organization.

Was it a rough transition back to academic life?

Do you want to create a new (or slightly altered) plan for being organized so you can get all of your “stuff” done next block?

Do you think that time management is an area where you want to focus on improvement?  Block break is a great time to rest and regroup to approach the next class in an organized manner.

Join Brooke Paulsen from the CTL at this workshop with the goal of sharing some organization and time management tips to help you adjust your approach to getting all of your “stuff” done – whether it be related to class, work, student organizations, etc. ¬† Bring your planner, phone, tablet, laptop (or whatever you use to stay organized!) with you to get a head start on your organization for block two and beyond!

Join us on Friday September 30, 12:30-1:30pm in the Berlin Room of Thomas Commons.