Conversations About Technology: Moodle Gradebook

When: Friday, September 16 @ 11:30 AM
Where: Cole Library Lab 212

Our first Conversation About Technology this year will focus on Moodle’s gradebook functionality and cover the how-to of setting up the gradebook, including categorization, weighting grades, and adding items from outside of moodle. We’ll look at the grading functionality within assignments and within the gradebook, and we’ll cover setting up groups and group submissions for assignments. The gradebook ties seamlessly into assignments created through Moodle, and can also include grade items from outside of Moodle. The gradebook can be categorized and weighted very easily, and allows you to share grades with students quickly.

After the workshop, we’ll share some more in-depth how-tos, but you can find more out about the gradebook in the meantime by taking a look at Moodle’s Quick Guide to Grading.

For more information about Moodle at Cornell, you can take a look at the Moodle @ Cornell guide.

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