Welcome to Comedy: Greece and Rome to Hollywood

Comedy takes many forms–e.g., farce, parody, satire–and there are many types of humor–e.g., physical humor such as slapstick and verbal humor that features double entendres and plays on words. In addition to looking at different types of comedy, these webpages explore how comedy works: plot structures, different types of characters, the role of gender and class, the relationship of actors to audience, and finally, sets, costumes, music, and masks. These webpages, created by the students of CLA 364 during Term 8, 2013, will help you to understand better how comedy works, whether that comedy is in the works of four great Greek (Aristophanes and Menander) and Roman (Plautus and Terence) playwrights, or in Hollywood film comedies.

Here are the class Projects:

Arsenic and Old Lace: Black Comedy – Amanda S & Connor

Down with Love: Plautine Word Play – Daniel & Nicole

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: An Aristophanic Adventure – Jessica & Nora

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: A Romantic New Comedy – Amanda H & Hannah

Robin Hood: Plautus in Tights – Haley & Liz