Cultural Relativism

The Culture Relativism (CR) states that each culture has the right to do as they wish and have their own views on morality. I think that it is possible for one culture to justify and criticize another culture from a moral point of view. Just because one culture believes one things, that doesn’t always mean that belief is correct. Like for example during the Holocaust millions of Jews were killed, because Nazis believed themselves superior. Just because they believed this doesn’t mean that’s the case. If one could not judge cultures and if agreeing with CR was correct we would then agree that Nazis had the right to kill millions of people because of their moral believes. If it was not for an other culture disagreeing and judging millions more could have died. Cultures have the right to believe what ever they wish I just don’t feel that their believes should harm another culture. Like for example if the Nazis would have kept their believes and moral judgments about Jews to them selves, the Holocaust would of not happened.

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