Hard Times for Recess

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This article “Hard Times for Recess” discusses the problem among kids these days during recess, bullying and teasing. A new solution came up to reduce such issues called Playworks. Playworks is a program where adults come into the schools and properly teach the elementary students how to play and interact with each other. They also help mediate when there are problems between students.


1. Recess is a possible place for bullying and teasing

2. All students participate in recess

3. Students are bullied and teased at recess

4. People are worried that students today do not know how construct a game for themselves during recess.

5. Therefore problems are created during recess (bullying and teasing).

6. Improperly playing games results to problems.

7. Playworks help teach student how to play games and confront problems in an orderly manner.

8. Playing in an orderly manner will help reduce bullying and teasing during recess.


9. Schools should use Playworks.


The way I structured this is deductively valid but not necessarily sound. The premises are up for debate if they are true or false. Since there are other reasons that are possible for this problem and there are other solutions that can be as or more effective as Playworks. (1) and (2) are premises for the intermediate conclusion (3). (3) is valid but not necessarily true. (4) and (5) are premises for the valid but not exactly true intermediate conclusion (6). Lastly (7) and (8) are premises for the final conclusion of (9).

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